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If you are thinking that your next home has to be a single family or even multi-family property HSG Realty will assist with finding you the perfect home.  

Let HSG Realty take the lead with your relocation to the greater St. Louis metropolitan area leveraging their vast knowledge and experience.

St. Louis is comprised of many varied and diverse neighborhoods.  The cultural map in St. Louis is more international than most think.  Steeped rich in history, St Louisans have impacted the growth and development throughout the metropolitan area and the region since its founding.

HSG Realty knows the municipalities and the various requirements each has for occupancy.  Make sure your Realtor knows these and partakes in ensuring they are an integral part of your closing and move.

If loft or condo living is a long time dream of yours then HSG Realty can help guide you in your search for that new home in a vertical neighborhood.  

Knowing the ins and outs of condo living is paramount in choosing which building is right for you.

Make sure your Realtor can answer basic questions about the building including:

  • parking arrangements, storage, occupancy inspections, etc. 
  • Often overlooked is the move in/move out requirements and instructions
  • Building rules and regulations affect the decisions some clients make about their building of choice

HSG Realty knows the answers to these and many more questions.  If the time for you to move into a loft or condo is now, then contact us today.  Ask about our Tuesday Loft Tours.  You might find that perfect new home!